Alisann loves all forms of art.  Her new passion is for Kumomi© a Healing Art that is done in a free flow style to reduce anxiety. She likes to call it Meditative Art ​​
Alisann loves sharing her passion for Kumomi©
(meaning - Cloud Watching)

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The Art of Kumomi©  

How Art can be Healing and creates Calm

This wonderful expressive art was created by Karen Elaine Parsons as a form of mediation.  The process is for all ages and all levels.
It is a process of free-style painting combined with inking.  

As a brain cancer survivor (2013) Alisann has used art as a healing modality.  After brain surgery, as a part of her healing, she began by
painting dog portraits and then moved into creating her hand-drawn Coloring books for Adults.  Not being able to find Dog themed books, she created her own.  When drawing and coloring, just like painting, Alisann derives a calm and medtitative experience through art.  This is also the healing effects of Kumomi© .​

She created a program for cancer patients and survivors - Coloring to Calm.  Alisann shares the power of coloring and art in healing to calm the mind and body during a major illness or life event.
Nothing Could Have Prepared Me - A Memoir
If you would like to know more about Alisann and her journey from being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer to being cancer free (2017), her book is available on Amazon.  She not only survived the grueling 8 hour brain surgery, but chose two forms of treatment - conventional and non-conventional.  She then turned to her art as a healing method for her therapy.  It is candid, personal and a must read for anyone facing an illness or life event that requires us to stop and choose HOPE over fear.

Book Link - Available in 2 formats - Paperback and Kindle